Folding Leg – Mix/Brunch

MO 7006 - MO 7009 / MO 6665 / MO 6667

Mobility and flexibility are features that are often demanded in our products. This is why the folding leg was developed, a simple and elegant flexible leg, which can be combined with our table series Mix and Brunch. The folding leg is mounted either in a right angle or with a 5° inclination and can subsequently be “folded” up and may automatically be fixed under the table top in eight different positions. In this way the folding leg is applicable for all types of tables: circular, oval, square or rectangular. Tables with folding legs are space-saving and easy to handle, removable and stackable in no time – two transport carts have been developed for this purpose. This leg may also be delivered without the folding mechanism.

SPACES: Bella Sky

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