“We are delighted to be nominated for the Design Awards again this year – with our new launch Ø Chair designed by Øivind Slaatto.

In recent years, we have worked with circular economy, both in relation to the development of new products and previously delivered products, where spare parts can be replaced and subsequently upgraded. This means that all new products developed in Magnus Olesen are designed with focus on being able to be disassembled and that spare parts can be purchased for the products. Our focus on circular economy provides a better product with a longer lifespan.

We are pleased that this ambition has resulted in Magnus Olesen being nominated for Design Awards as “Green Brand of the Year” by Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet, Costume Living and Nordic Living already in 2019.”

Our quality furniture is produced at our factory in Denmark in collaboration with skilled Danish designers. The Ø chair has been developed in close collaboration with Designer Øivind Slaatto and is the designer’s first chair design. It is the result of the ambition to develop a chair with focus on using as few elements as much and for as long as possible in exciting combinations. A chair that is easy to disassemble, so that the parts can be reused and recycled for the benefit of the customer and the environment. The chair consists of three parts – seat, back and frame – assembled elegantly with only one screw as jewelry.

It is our ambition to continuously improve our environmental footprint and thus send the most environmentally friendly products on the market.”

– Nils Knudsen, owner & CEO, Magnus Olesen A/S

Production in Denmark

We believe in Danish craftsmanship and have manufactured in Denmark ever since 1937. Wood, other raw materials or semi-finished products are transformed into chairs and tables locally, in Denmark.

We always ensure that our suppliers comply with our procurement standards with respect to production, the environment and employee relations.

All our products are tested in accordance with the strictest environmental and quality standards. All products meet the requirements of Danish Furnituremakers’ Quality Control to normal and severe contract use.
(View certificate here).

Tests are conducted both in our own testing facilities as well as ”Teknologisk Institut” in Denmark. By doing so, we ensure that all designs produced by Magnus Olesen are of high quality with extensive durability – benefitting both our customers and the environment.


Magnus Olesen’s production is based on sustainable wood. Since 2016 Magnus Olesen A/S is FSC certified. (FSC®C131817).

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international non-profit labeling scheme for sustainable wood. In an FSC forest, no more wood is used than the forest can reproduce. At the same time, FSC is a guarantee that animal and plant life is protected and that people working in the forest are guaranteed education, safety equipment and proper pay.

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Green accounts

Since the 1990s Magnus Olesen A/S has developed Green Accounts on a yearly basis. Green Accounts are used for measuring the environmental impact. Components of our production and their impact are evaluated. The green account is an important part of the company’s attention to the surrounding environment, including working environment. Through targeted work, including extensive work with external advisors, we succeeded in minimizing the impact on the external environment.

The triple bottom line

Magnus Olesen works with The Triple Bottom Line. The company’s goal is to provide a good financial result, while at the same time taking social and environmental considerations into account. Keeping production in Denmark contributes to a more sustainable production approach while at the same time ensuring high quality standards.

By doing so we ensure our business is managed sustainably as well as keeping in mind the interests of its environmental and social surroundings.

Circular economy

In 2015 Magnus Olesen cooperated with ”Region Midt” in Denmark on a project enhancing recyclability of used products. The goal was to target efforts in order to achieve a reduction in material consumption through upgrading and recycling.

In the course of the project, seating areas installed at Copenhagen Airport by Magnus Olesen in 1995 where refurbished at our factory and reinstalled – providing extended lifetime to the furniture.

View Copenhagen Airport case here.

Design for disassembly

Based on Magnus Olesen’s participation in the ”Region Midt” Circular Economy development project, it was decided that all products should be developed under the aspect of Design for Disassembly. Today, most of Magnus Olesen’s products can be taken apart and components can be replaced in order to extend the product’s use.

”Design for Disassembly” allows for extended product life which improves the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – reducing the environmental impact as well as providing an economic benefit.

Good design that lasts

Not any design will be put into production at Magnus Olesen. At Magnus Olesen, good design is when both visual expression as well as thoughtful function meets the environmental guidelines we work with in relation to Design for Disassembly.

Cradle to cradle

Our latest endeavor in regards to sustainability is getting the Butterfly Series ”Cradle to Cradle” certified.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard is one of the highest sustainability and material health standards. It is a globally recognized third-party product certification, showing commitment to healthy and sustainable products.